Integration with SAP

  • Sap Connector allows you to access SAP ERP data easily, in a cheap and safe way.
  • Thanks to Sap Connector you can avoid the use of complex extraction programs and inconvienient swap files by directly downloading your data where and in the format you need them.
  • Whatever data in whatever application module you are looking for, it will be extracted with respect to SAP standards and to business rules.
  • Your business data integration and analysis needs can be fulfilled through certified technology with no impact on your SAP ERP system along with GOOD NUMBERS expertise and professionalism.

SAP ERP introduced an already recognized standard in the management of business data, ensuring quality, precision and stability. These are the values you have chosen and these are the values GOOD NUMBERS guarantees you with your investment.

Board and SAP Connector represent the conjunction point between the data coming from your SAP ERP system and the information you need to make decisions quickly and to plan efficiently.

SAP Connector is a specific product for accessing SAP ERP data, and it was developed in Germany by Theobald Software GmbH and certified by SAP. It allows you to access tables, queries, BAPI, BW programs etc. in a native way.
GOOD NUMBERS suggests using its Sap Connector together with Board software to achieve great, flexible and cheap Business Intelligence and Performance Management outcomes. Take a look at the services we offer.