Your data are managed by the many applications you carefully chose and you work with everyday. Each application has organized your data in its archives in its own complex way, through specific tables, codes and rules. In one single ERP management application, data are stored in many and articulated tables, which are difficult to use and access.
As a consequence, it is complicated to easily and quickly group all the data you need to make a decision.

If you believe that an overall view of your business activity is essential to make better decisions, all of your data should be:

  • collected in a single centralized place: a data warehouse
  • organized in easily readable and accessible tables
  • unified through the same codes and formats
  • standardized, by applying business rules homogeneously
  • joined, by gathering pieces of information about the same subject, but coming from different sources
  • aligned to your organization

Data warehouses allow you to collect and organize your enterprise data neatly, making their use much easier.

This is what GOOD NUMBERS does by designing Data Warehousing solutions.

GOOD NUMBERS suggests using its DW services together with Board software to achieve great, flexible and cheap Business Intelligence and Performance Management outcomes. Take a look at the services we offer.